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Paddy Upton: People Centered Coaching

Paddy Upton has worn numerous ‘labels’ in his career, such as Business coach, Cricket coach, Mental conditioning coach, and High-performance coach. Despite all the various titles bestowed upon him, he simply has found a way to weave Leadership skills, entrepreneurial skills, management skills, and various philosophies into one approach that he’s pretty much made his own.

Helping players find best answers, the Paddy Upton way

Paddy Upton has developed a reputation for doing things differently to most cricket coaches. Having originally made a name for himself when he worked alongside Gary Kirsten, taking India to the top of the Test rankings and to a World Cup win on home soil, he is now making waves as a head coach in Twenty20 cricket.

Expert advice: Utilizing Internal Knowledge

What if a shift in mindset turned the focus inward and tapped into the wealth of internal knowledge within the playing group? CONQA Sport speaks with Paddy Upton and discovers that the solution to the problem is often right under your nose.

Repudiation comes at a precipitous cost for Cobras

Seven months after the Western Cape Cricket board chose to reject the recommendations of an independent mediator in a player dispute over then-coach Paul Adams, the organisation appears to be reaping what it sowed.

Upton’s guiding hand in team driven by collective wisdom

Paddy Upton is a multidimensional man with interests as varied as mentoring, cricket, surfing and fishing. A former first-class cricketer, the athletic 46-year-old’s leadership skills make him popular in the cricket world. A chat with him suggests he may be a little too intelligent to be categorized just as a cricket coach.

In high-pressure moments the quality of decision-making matters more than skill

Paddy Upton on why coaching is about encouraging players to take responsibility and helping them understand what is best for them.

Why Sydney Thunder’s Paddy Upton is ‘one of the best coaches in the world’

Back to a time when the Thunder were still the laughing stock of the competition and praying that a new era with Michael Hussey as the face of the club would bring about a change of fortunes. At the start of last summer, new Thunder coach Paddy Upton gave his freshly-assembled squad an unusual task.