Advancing your Team Culture

‘Culture is King’. Happy employees are 30% more productive than unhappy ones. Conversely 74-84% of employees want to leave their jobs today, primarily because they are not happy in the workplace.

Imagine a culture that attracts the industry-best employees, keeps them the longest, and gets the best output from the rest? Almost every team has capacity to advance their culture, and thus success.

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Sport Coaching Masterclass

This half- or full-day master-class is for progressive sports organisations invested in their coaches learning more empowering and effective ways of leading players and performance.

Learn how to practically navigate from the old-school command-and-control (industrial age) coaching towards an empowering player-centred coaching approach that is commensurate with the knowledge era.

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Business Clients

Sports Clients

Different Teams

Different Sports


While I lived in Chicago, IL, I used to keep my body and mind up by attending both fitness and yoga classes, separately… Imagine how surprised and overjoyed I was, when here in Cheyenne I was able to find a studio that offers both of these types of practices, at one place? I signed up instantly!
Marie Steward