Paddy Upton

2020 was a crap year for me!


However it did bring out some of my best work.

“Unlock Your A-Game” was birthed out of a time of struggle and deep introspection.

The programme was designed with the express purpose of supporting leaders and employees to bring their personal A-game to the ever-changing challenges of Covid-19.

Below is the #1 tip in 15 areas of life – that emerged from conversations with over 3000 people from 302 organisations who participated in the programme in the second half of 2020.


Make your important relationships important. (The longest ever Study [82yrs] of adult life revealed that quality of relationships is the single biggest indicator of health, happiness and longevity)


Gift them your smile, especially the grumpy ones


Forgive them and let go, and forgive yourself for having continued to judge them


Ditch the energy thieves. And don’t be one of them.


Work smart, not hard (Being busy in not an accomplishment)


Edutainment above entertainment. The more you learn, the more you get the jump on the masses gorging on a diet of social media


You know it’s important, act on this knowing FFS!


Eating and drinking is largely psychological. Address the mindset that is leading you to over-eat, eat junk and hide behind alcohol. Take the effort to rewire your brain to WANT to eat for health and wellness. (Still have the junk food and alcohol, in moderation, and when you do, really savour it)


Whatever your religious/spiritual path, live it even more deeply in 2021 – remembering that your path is no better than another, it’s just different. If you have none, choose gratitude


Values that serve others ahead of serving yourself will be far more stable building blocks of happiness and reward. Chase less after name, fame, fortune, power, status and social media likes. Rather embrace teamwork, collaboration, communication, community, kindness, empathy, compassion, listening, etc. Short version, be the good person you were born to be.


We can’t control the future out there, but we have full control over the kind of person we one day want to be remembered as. Plan your ideal legacy, and live each day accordingly. The world needs more ‘good people’ and less dickheads


You don’t need a life-coach or 4-day seminar to find your life purpose (which might not work anyway). Move your life into flow with the universe simply by i) doing what you’re good at (playing to your strengths), and ii) using them to make the world a better place… in any area that is close to your heart.


Have at least one that really interests you, and spend a generous amount of time on it .


Spend less, enjoy what you already have.


Do something adventurous and outside your comfort zone.


Don’t take yourself so flipping seriously. Nowhere in the manual of life does it say this is important, or even necessary.

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