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Five insights before the rugby World Cup final

Five insights before the rugby World Cup final
  1. Belief is a flimsy concept. Knowing you can do it helps push through difficult moments where doubt can undermine that belief. Courtesy of the Bomb Squad, the Boks know they can finish strong. Opponents hope they can hold onto their lead.
  2. Many of us will fall for the storytelling problem, in that we are too quick to come up with explanations for things we cannot fully explain. In doing so, we use our favorite theory. Either team can win tomorrow. The All Blacks go in mentally fresher, the Boks physically tougher – luck will be the decider. (That’s my theory).
  3. Winning is not a habit. It’s a result of following the right habits over and over again. If you want to be really good, follow smart habits 80% of the time. To be great, do this upwards of 90% of the time.
  4. The most consistently successful people/teams do things for a cause greater than themselves. Under pressure, the cause prevails over the ego, which is more prone to giving up and making excuses. The Boks seem to be genuinely playing for the nation. They won’t run out on Saturday with the pressure of the nation on their shoulders, but rather the support of the nation holding their hands.
  5. Focus on the process, not the results. If we believe this, then the Boks are already a champion team. And so are the All Blacks. On Saturday, one of these champion teams will walk away having scored more points on that night than the other.

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