The A-Game Series

The A-Game Series

Lessons from the world’s best athletes.

When an elite sports team approaches a season-defining tournament, succeeding demands that each team member brings their ‘A-game’. Not unlike that team, many organisations find themselves in a defining period of their journey; faced with significant opportunity and challenges which require each employee to consolidate and then execute on their unique A-game.

In this talk and workshop series, Paddy will share a six-part A-game framework he developed from two decades of coaching some of the world’s best athletes and teams. Each delegate will get to a) build on the key elements of their unique A-game, b) add to it to be even more relevant for now, and then c) execute on it in the face of possibly more distractions and obstacles than ever before. Each person will walk away with personalised and practical action plans to increase effectiveness and satisfaction, both at work and in their lives.

‘Find your A-game’ is delivered online, in either a 90-minute talk or a 4.5 hour interactive and deeper-dive workshop series (3 x 90-minute sessions over 3 weeks). Both are rich in anecdote, simple, practical and relevant, with key components that include;

  • consolidating three core foundations of your A-game
  • advancing you’re A-game, two steps for advancing clarity, direction and action, in all facets of our lives
  • executing on your A-game, navigating the map of mental obstacles and distraction


Additional to the 3x 90-minute online sessions, the workshop series includes;

  • a curriculum of offline self-reflection exercises and learning materials
  • peer-coaching groups to enhance accountability and support, and to integrate A-game conversation into the team environment
  • individual A-games are aligned with business values, strategy and existing corporate/ HR interventions
  • a Whatsapp learning group will provide delegates access to Paddy and the learning community


Paddy’s three-part A-game series for 60 Prime Venture Partners entrepreneurs, gave thought-provoking frameworks to find and play our A-game, as well as a set of principles to become great human beings. Learnings were illustrated with real-world sports examples to make this memorable, entertaining and impactful.

Amit Somani

Managing Partner, Prime Venture Partners

Brilliant session, I have done many similar but this was by far the very best! Well done Paddy, you had the entire company’s attention with your words and lessons. Thank you.

Craig Featherby

CEO, Carrick Group



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