Advancing your team culture

Advancing your team culture

‘Culture is King’. Happy employees are 30% more productive than unhappy ones. Conversely 74-84% of employees want to leave their jobs today, primarily because of they are not happy in the workplace.

Imagine a culture that attracts the industry-best employees, keeps them the longest, and gets the best output from rest? Almost every team has capacity to advance their culture, and thus success.

With his experience of building successful teams at the highest level of performance, in different countries and with players of different languages, religions, cultures and levels of experience in the same teams, Paddy will work with you to tailor-make this workshop to meet your teams unique needs.


Absolutely brilliant, authentic and relevant. You should extend what you do for education fraternities and families.
Dominic Bothner

National Customer Marketing Manager, Brandhouse

You made an amazing impact on the team.
Sandeep Desai

Vice President Manufacturing, Unilever South & Southern Africa