Powering your mental game of sport!

A NEW Live Online course for Advanced level athletes (all sports)

Who is it for?

This Advanced level “Powering your mental game” online live workshop is aimed at serious amateur, semi-professional or aspiring professional athletes, from both individual and team sports. It’s best suited for those who are already diligent in their preparation and in pursuit of success, and who are looking to take their performance to the next level.

How does it work?

The series runs over two weeks, and comprises

  1. 4 x 90-minute live online sessions with Paddy, with ample time for Question and Answers
  2. Offline self-reflection exercise provided before each session, to be completed in your own time and which are a KEY part of your learning experience
  3. A Facebook group to connect and engage with fellow athletes, and where Paddy will post additional learning resources

Details of upcoming course

The next four-part Advanced Powering your mental game online course is scheduled for 1, 4, 8 and 11 November, at 14h30–16h00 GMT (or 15h30-17h00 UK time, 16h30–18h00 South African time, 20h00-21h30 Indian Standard Time).

What you will get from participation in this course?

  1. Deepen your foundation of personal mastery, who you are being as a person, in areas that directly impact and enhance both your sport performance, and your life overall
  2. Assess and advance towards ‘international gold-standard’ in eight key areas of your chosen sport
  3. Understand and employ Paddy’s mental map to even better manage your mind, specifically
  • Off-load baggage from past failures, losses and incidents that may be hampering your progress
  • Better manage common obstacles to performance such as stress, anxiety, pressure, fear, doubt and similar
  • Identify and manage your unique mental distractions to success, both on-the-field and in life
  • Learn to gain and maintain the correct focus on the task at hand
  • Access ease and flow (the zone) more regularly and for longer periods

Course Outline

Session 1: Personal mastery, for enduring success in sport and life

  • Become your own best coach. How to do this and why it’s so important
  • Separating yourself from your results, and how this enhances performance
  • Crafting your character, avoiding unnecessary pitfalls, to advance your sport, and life

Session 2: Professional mastery. Maximising talent and opportunities

  • Advancing Professionalism – towards international Gold Standard in eight key areas of your game
  • Playing to strengths, staying ahead of your opponents
  • Mental errors, addressing the unspoken conversations

Session 3: Advancing your mental game – moving from distracted to focussed

  • Learning from past successes – balancing humility, confidence and arrogance
  • Managing loss, failure and errors, and off-loading unnecessary baggage
  • Dealing with pressure (one of sports two biggest mental obstacles to success)

Session 4: Finding focus and flow

  • Managing stress, anxiety and fear – (fear being the other biggest obstacle to success)
  • Being correctly focussed, in the key moment
  • Finding flow more often, and remaining there longer
  • Pulling it all together

Your facilitator

Professor Paddy Upton is one of the most experienced and respected mental coaches in sport. He has spent over two decades working with professional/international teams, and individually with over 150 of the world’s best athletes, Olympians and World Champions. He has worked in 11 different sports and across five continents, which include but are not limited to

  • International cricket, rugby, football (soccer) and hockey
  • World Cup winning Cricket team
  • Helping lead two international cricket teams to the World # 1 test ranking
  • 5x Olympic gold medallist
  • 3 world champion surfers
  • Olympic, X-games, Redbull and extreme athletes
  • European and Sunshine tour golfers
  • World tour surfers
  • Marathon and triathlon champions
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Paddy brings over 25-years of experience working with high-performing teams in business and sport, across multiple industries and on five continents.

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