Paddy Upton

A-Game Series

The 6-part A-game framework, delivered over 4 sessions, guides you to

  • consolidate the foundations of your work and life, and from these foundations, to
  • advance your life with clarity, direction and action, in all areas that you deem important, and finally, to
  • cultivate an even healthier mindset for better navigating what has happened in the past; for what is happening in the present; and for what lies ahead in your future. This third aspect draws the best from Paddy’s mental coaching of professional athletes around the world.



Success at work (and in life) is powerfully linked to who we are being as a person, which shines primarily through our character, values, ethics, strengths and purpose.

Obvious questions are whether these qualities are genuinely important to you.

  • Can you to live even more deeply and authentically into them?
  • Is there room to be even more effective in your work?

If so, and you are sincere about advancing your combined journey of professional and personal mastery, then this tried-and-tested workshop guarantees to add practical, tangible and significant value to that journey.

Paddy brings you the best lessons from success (and failure) from over two-decades of working with some of the world’s best athletes and teams from 11 different sports, coaching global business teams, and as an author, workshop facilitator and business-school professor.

This  ‘Unlock Your A-Game’ online workshop guides you to build your unique A-game strategy for healthy and sustainable success in six core areas of your work and life.

It was designed in direct response to the current pandemic, and since July 2020, over 3000 people from over 300 businesses have participated in the programme.

It is now being offered to the public, for the first time!

The workshop promises to be practical, insightful and inspiring. It is steeped in common-sense and practical wisdom, richly illustrated with sport stories and delivered in Paddy’s easy-going and relatable manner.

The end game is that you walk away inspired, entertained and equipped with a detailed ‘roadmap’ to guide you to even greater all-round success in the most important aspects of your work and life, for now and the long-term.

The journey comprises four 60-minute live online coaching sessions with Paddy, with additional offline self-reflection exercises.

Paddy is fully aware that many folk are experiencing digital fatigue, thus the promise of inspiration and entertainment, fascinating stories and common-sense, practical action-plans and guaranteed zero bullshit-factor.

He looks forward to meeting you online soon!