A decade-long search, which included two masters degrees, lead Paddy to eventually discover what he was looking for – modern-day best-practice in leading sports performance.

His early reward was to have the majority of sports administrators and coaches disregard his work, as they held onto more traditional methods.

Being told “that won’t work” served to motivate Paddy to the point where he is currently recognised as one of the most innovative coaches in the world.

He was recently appointed as a Professor of Practice at Deakin University’s Business School (Australia), is currently mental coach to professional athletes from multiple sporting codes, leadership coach to business executives and teams, a professional speaker and is Head Coach in four of the worlds premier T20 cricket tournaments, in India (IPL), Australia (BBL), Dubai (PSL) and South Africa (T20 GL).

Paddy claims he does all this to support his surfing, stand-up paddling and fishing habits.


Some of his diverse accomplishments include:

  • Helping lead the Indian Cricket Team to become the World’s No. 1 Test Team, and then to win the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2011
  • Helping lead the South African Cricket Team to become the first to simultaneously hold the World No. 1 ranking in all three formats of the game
  • As Head Coach, leading Rajasthan Royals (Indian Premier League) from the bottom of the log to 2nd place in the Champions League, within one 10-week season
  • As Head Coach, leading Sydney Thunder (Australian Big Bash League) to BBL Champions in 2016
  • To date, he has worked as Head Coach of five different T20 teams in 12 tournaments across three major leagues, the Indian Premier League (IPL), the Australian Big Bast League (BBL) and the Pakistan Super League (PSL)
  • Delivered over 100 keynote and conference talks globally, on leadership and high performance
  • Coaching business executives and teams in leading corporations across most industries
  • Mental game coaching of professional and international athletes from over ten different sports
  • Appointed as Professor of Practice at Deakin University Business School (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Being awarded four degrees, including two Master’s degrees, in Sport Science and in Executive Coaching
  • Paddy is passionate about surfing, stand-up paddling and fishing


Great presentation at the 2017 London Leadership Summit. It was humble, thought provoking and relevant to today’s business leaders.
Tom Bird, Author of Brilliant Selling

Europe’s best selling sales book

Paddy Upton’s presentation to the top 500 managers at ABFSG Day was a great success. It was wonderfully illuminating and was rated as relevant and valuable by 100% of the 500 delegates. Some said Paddy’s presentation changed their life.
Ajay Srinivasan

Aditya Birla Financial Services Group (India)

Well done on consistently staying the best scoring speaker at Mainstream. Watching the audience’s reactions during your presentations was priceless.
Marilu Snyders

Conference Producer

Paddy was able to bring the workshop to life in a practical and well-contextualised manner, enriched by his use of anecdotes. All participants rated the workshop very highly.
Shiv Gupta

Royal Bank of Scotland (India)

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