Sport coaching masterclass

Sport coaching masterclass

This half- or full-day master-class is for progressive sports organisations invested in their coaches learning more empowering and effective ways of leading players and performance. Learn how to practically navigate from the old-school command-and-control (industrial age) coaching towards an empowering player-centred coaching approach that is commensurate with the knowledge era.

Outcomes include delivering sustained success, increased enjoyment, longer-term participation, and smarter performers with greater confidence and increased self-esteem.

Depending on duration of master-class, topics could include:

  1. Successfully navigating the currently changing leadership terrain
  2. A new model of learning
  3. Building players’ confidence
  4. Playing to strengths
  5. Coaching for maximum impact
  6. The processes of winning
  7. Navigating pressure
  8. Developing players’ self esteem
  9. Being the best coach you can be


Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us coaches and the team. Got great feedback from the players and we will definitely have you back.
Carlos Spencer

E.P. Kings rugby coach, Ex-All Black

Your master class was certainly a topic of conversation for the coaches across the U19 State Championships and the feedback was extremely positive.
Darren Holder

High Performance Coach Development Manager, Cricket Australia