Winning with Kids

Purpose: To support coaches, parents and teachers in providing healthy and sustainable sport participation for our kids – setting them up for a lifetime of success, both on and off-the-field.

What: A 2-hour talk and workshop for parents, coaches and teachers, delivered by Paddy Upton and Jean de Villiers, two of South Africa’s most successful sports personalities. The focus will be on enhanced participation AND winning – on redefining what winning really means.

Why: Parents and teachers have differing views on participation, coaching and on winning. Some of these support and others undermine both participation and performance, as well as the character traits, values and the life-lessons that sport teaches. The current reality is that kids sport participation is being undermined more than ever before, both in South Africa and abroad.

How: We will cover some of the key ways to enhance performance, whilst averting some the most commonly reported problems, including;

  • Kids quitting, why does this happen and how to avert this
  • Anxiety and stress, what causes and alleviates this
  • Specialising (in one sport), when to do it and when not to
  • Maximising the values that sport teaches, and what compromises this
  • Enhancing relationships between kids and coaches/parents, and how they are undermined
  • Ways to improve our kids mental game
  • And more…


“Sport has the power to change the world” Nelson Mandela


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