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Paddy Upton opens up on India’s 2011 World Cup win spoke to the strength and mental conditioning coach of the Dhoni-led team in 2011, Paddy Upton. Upton, who is in South Africa currently, spoke about the historic night, working with coach Gary Kirsten, Dhoni’s leadership, Virat Kohli’s transformation, Sachin Tendulkar’s role in the title win, Yuvraj Singh’s valiant efforts and much more.

Are you a healthy or unhealthy alpha leader?

In support of Movember, South African born and former Indian cricket coach, Paddy Upton joins ds… for a stimulating article exploring alpha leaders across sport and business.

Captains Courageous

The muggy April night was dark but Wankhede was bright with ..

A deep understanding of the game of cricket

Both ‘The Barefoot Coach’ by Paddy Upton and ‘On Cricket’ by Mike Brearley are meant for connoisseurs.

Upton says, Proteas’ choking tag is just “marketing success”

Former Proteas fitness guru and author Paddy Upton talks about the Proteas’ choking tag and the mindset of leadership group during the ongoing Cricket World Cup.

Inside CWC – Paddy Upton Gives His Verdict

Sias, Derek and Harro pick up the pieces of the Proteas’ disastrous World Cup campaign and are joined by world-renowned coach and cricketing mentalist Paddy Upton.

Do the selectors even know their best XI?

I had a chat with Paddy Upton, the mental and physical strength conditioning coach who was part of India’s backroom team who won the 2011 World Cup.

Proteas: ‘Beware the overthink’ during CWC peril

Former Proteas fitness guru and author Paddy Upton insists that South Africa are still statistically in contention at the Cricket World Cup despite falling to three consecutive defeats.

Interview on Afternoon Express

Paddy’s journey included working with the SA cricket team as the cricket world’s first fitness trainer and that transitioned to him becoming a mental coach in multiple professional sports!

Upton not concerned over under-pressure Proteas at CWC

Former Proteas fitness guru and author Paddy Upton insists that South Africa are still statistically in contention at the Cricket World Cup despite falling to three consecutive defeats.

ICC World Cup 2019: ‘He is slow poison’ – Paddy Upton on what sets Virat Kohli apart

Indian cricket team’s former mental conditioning coach Paddy Upton stated that skipper Virat Kohli hurts the opposition like slow poison and he somehow always seems to be control whenever he is out in the middle.

Asking Indian players to ‘have s*x before match’ the biggest error of my professional career: Paddy Upton

Paddy Upton, the former Indian mental conditioning coach recently launched his book ‘ The Barefoot Coach’. Upton has made some astounding remarks about the likes of Gautam Gambhir, the former Indian batsman, and S Sreesanth, who was banned after the IPL spot-fixing scandal in 2013 that brought an end to his career. In his book, Upton also mentioned the biggest error of his professional career.

Rajasthan Royals appoint Paddy Upton as their Head Coach

Rajasthan Royals have roped in renowned and experienced coach Paddy Upton for the forthcoming Indian Premier League season. Upton has outstanding credentials and has been closely associated with Rajasthan Royals in the past. He was the Head Coach for four years, wherein the Royals made it to the semi-finals in the 2013 edition, sensationally pushing its way forward from the bottom of the heap, and also reached the finals of the Champions League (2013). The Royals won 13 straight home matches under him, a feat that stands the test of time in the IPL.

Uncertain future ahead for IPL imports

Along with Rashid Khan’s mesmeric leg spin, Jos Buttler’s rolling barrage of half centuries, Shane Watson’s heroics in the final and the dynamic cameo from Lungi Ngidi that helped carry the Chennai Super Kings to a third title, it would appear that the contributions of overseas players is as prevalent as ever.

Paddy Upton: People Centered Coaching

Paddy Upton has worn numerous ‘labels’ in his career, such as Business coach, Cricket coach, Mental conditioning coach, and High-performance coach. Despite all the various titles bestowed upon him, he simply has found a way to weave Leadership skills, entrepreneurial skills, management skills, and various philosophies into one approach that he’s pretty much made his own.

Helping players find best answers, the Paddy Upton way

Paddy Upton has developed a reputation for doing things differently to most cricket coaches. Having originally made a name for himself when he worked alongside Gary Kirsten, taking India to the top of the Test rankings and to a World Cup win on home soil, he is now making waves as a head coach in Twenty20 cricket.

Players will need more mental health support, says coach Upton

The novel coronavirus lockdown has been a traumatic experience for many cricketers and teams will have to change their approach to mental health when the game resumes, mental conditioning coach Paddy Upton has said.

Mental toughness is overrated: a World Cup-winning coach debunks sport’s most sacred trait

Paddy Upton made it to the top of the ‘gentleman’s game’. As many others struggle with the sport’s gruelling schedule and the pressures of fame, the South African coach shares invaluable lessons for mental health in sports and life.

Cricket Coach Paddy Upton’s Lessons in Upskilling and Life Skills

You don’t need a university degree to focus on personal development. There’s always something new to learn. Here’s how to master learning and upskilling.

Team India’s Former Mind Doctor Picks Bumrah As Mentally Strongest

asprit Bumrah is mentally strong to handle the pressure and come out as a winner in tough contests like the one against Pakistan, says Team India’s former mental conditioning coach Paddy Upton.

How Virat Kohli and Co. unwind on off days

Ahead of the World Cup 2019 match against Afghanistan, Team India will participate in fun activities for team bonding — a regular practice on overseas tours.

Cricket World Cup 2019: Is Dhoni getting a psychological boost or playing mind games?

In his book ‘The Barefoot Coach’, Paddy Upton, the former mental conditioning coach of the Indian team and current Rajasthan Royals coach, has dealt with the mental toughness of cricketers.

Fielding: How India vaulted the Proteas

Former Proteas fitness guru and author Paddy Upton talks about the Proteas’ choking tag and the mindset of leadership group during the ongoing Cricket World Cup.

The mind behind the machine

What do they know of coaching who only technique know? When Paddy Upton was appointed the mental conditioning coach of the Indian team, he became by default its physical conditioning and strategic leadership coach too. No one was quite sure what that meant, and Upton made up his job description as he went along. It served Indian cricket well.

Paddy Upton on why the Proteas bomb out of ICC tournaments

Paddy Upton is a well-renowned fitness and mental conditioning coach, having had successful stints with the Proteas, the India Cricket team, IPL and helping business teams reach even greater heights.

My dad was a slave to his job – Paddy Upton (famed cricket coach)

This week Arabile Gumede (in for Whitfield) interviewed famed cricket coach Paddy Upton, author of “The Barefoot Coach”.

Paddy Upton was the mental conditioning coach of the Indian cricket team that won the 2011 World Cup

One-and-a-half years before Patrick Anthony Howard Upton played a significant role as the mental conditioning coach of the MS Dhoni-led Indian team’s famous World Cup triumph in 2011, he had inadvertently created a furore in India with a sex dossier. Almost nine years later, the 50-year-old coach admits those were “jokes and tongue-in-cheek mistakes that I made”, but insists that he never passed instructions to players to compulsorily do that – sex before matches.

Hesitant to pursue any methods for short-term success

Paddy Upton isn’t a conventional cricket coach. He doesn’t mind using the IPL to put his research into practice, without trying to compromise on the fundamentals of the game. Amid the hectic travel, rest, recovery and the cyclic train-play-repeat mode of the league, he also puts the team through several team-bonding activities and fun sessions to break the monotony. Currently at the helm of Rajasthan Royals, Upton took time off to delve into his methods and the thinking behind them.

Repudiation comes at a precipitous cost for Cobras

Seven months after the Western Cape Cricket board chose to reject the recommendations of an independent mediator in a player dispute over then-coach Paul Adams, the organisation appears to be reaping what it sowed.

Upton’s guiding hand in team driven by collective wisdom

Paddy Upton is a multidimensional man with interests as varied as mentoring, cricket, surfing and fishing. A former first-class cricketer, the athletic 46-year-old’s leadership skills make him popular in the cricket world. A chat with him suggests he may be a little too intelligent to be categorized just as a cricket coach.

Expert advice: Utilizing Internal Knowledge

What if a shift in mindset turned the focus inward and tapped into the wealth of internal knowledge within the playing group? CONQA Sport speaks with Paddy Upton and discovers that the solution to the problem is often right under your nose.

Talkin success with Paddy Upton

In this week’s Business Unusual Podcast, Ralf Fletcher, CEO of Topco is in conversation with legendary cricket coach, Paddy Upton. With four degrees under his belt, positions as head coach in international T20 cricket, mental coach to professional athletes, business coach and university professor, Paddy truly encompasses the notion of an all-rounder.

There isn’t a single athlete I’ve ever worked with who is fully secure: Paddy Upton

Paddy Upton who was the Mental Conditioning and Strategic Leadership Coach of the Indian cricket team when they won the World Cup in 2011 opens up on mental health and more in this exclusive interview.

South Africa stumble even before the ‘choke’ this time round

If one goes by the track record of South Africa in ICC tournaments, especially the World Cup, they will find that the Proteas have never been able to achieve the success they would have liked, considering the talented cricketers the country has produced over the years.

Proteas: ‘Beware the overthink’ during CWC peril

The embattled South African cricket team at the World Cup should try to avoid going overboard with analysis of their current plight at the tournament.

Upton says, Proteas’ choking tag is just “marketing success”

Former Proteas fitness guru and author Paddy Upton talks about the Proteas’ choking tag and the mindset of leadership group during the ongoing Cricket World Cup.

Upton not concerned over under-pressure Proteas at CWC

Former Proteas fitness guru and author Paddy Upton insists that South Africa are still statistically in contention at the Cricket World Cup despite falling to three consecutive defeats.

This team of Rajasthan Royals best ever, says Paddy Upton

Paddy Upton has stated that the Rajasthan Royals team in the Indian Premier League’s 2019 edition was its best ever among all the editions, despite the fact that the results didn’t go their way. The Upton-coached team finished seventh on the points table, with 11 points in 14 games.

Article in Financial Express

June 9, 2019

Paddy on the Kieno Kammies show

Mental conditioning coach Paddy Upton, joins John Maytham to talk about his new book, “The Barefoot Coach.

Interview with The Telegraph – T2 paper
Many Senior Players have followed Kohli’s lead in making fitness priority

From starting as South Africa’s fitness trainer, Paddy Upton went on to become India’s mental conditional coach under Gary Kirsten, and their tenures culminated with the 2011 World Cup.

The concept of a leader who knows it all is redundant

Paddy Upton’s CV already boasts of associations with top-flight cricket teams: As the physiotherapist of the South African team led by Bob Woolmer and Hansie Cronje, the mental conditioning coach of the Indian team that attained the No. 1 ranking in Tests in 2009 and then went on to win the World Cup in 2011, and the Proteas who were No 1 across three formats between 2012 and 2015. But Upton, a professor of practice at Australia’s Deakin University Business School, would rather be known as a leadership wonk who’s looking to upend the conventional notions of a chain of command, with instructions flowing from the top.

Shane Watson & the Alpha myth

It started with Bob Woolmer and Hansie Cronje. I was the strength and conditioning coach with the Proteas between 1994 and 1998 and worked side-by-side with two of the greatest visionaries – albeit in very different ways – cricket has seen. Bob was the most forward-thinking coach of his era. He came up with innovations like the slower-ball bouncer and the slide in the outfield rather than the old pick-up-and-throw (I was on the stopwatch and Jonty Rhodes was running the experiment).

In high-pressure moments the quality of decision-making matters more than skill

Paddy Upton on why coaching is about encouraging players to take responsibility and helping them understand what is best for them.

Why Sydney Thunder’s Paddy Upton is ‘one of the best coaches in the world’

Back to a time when the Thunder were still the laughing stock of the competition and praying that a new era with Michael Hussey as the face of the club would bring about a change of fortunes. At the start of last summer, new Thunder coach Paddy Upton gave his freshly-assembled squad an unusual task.