The Covid Gift

I recently recovered from my inevitable bout of Covid. A friend sent me a message soon after and asked,

“So, what gift did Covid give you?”

“Gift, are you f#*king joking?” I thought. Two weeks sick, alone in a home by myself, and at least 4 weeks after of little or no exercise or surfing. Where’s the gift in that?

Then it hit me. How blind I had been. There were at least three amazing gifts that my pre-conditioned mind of ‘I’m sick, which is not fun’ did not see.

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The story of an A-Game

It was almost exactly a year ago that I was struck with one of those aha-moments in life! It happened at the beginning of lockdown and during a mental coaching conversation with the captain of a national sports team. For the umpteenth time in my life, I found myself discussing the concept of our ‘A-game’.

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Unpacking The A-Game Suitcase

In my previous blog I discussed an aha moment when I realised that those athletes and commentators who regularly use the term ‘A-game’ don’t actually know what they are talking about! And neither did I.

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Hope Lives

Last night I found myself wondering the streets and dark corners of Hout Bay, the suburb where I live, in defiance of South Africa’s 10pm curfew, and with an elevated heart rate pumping both fear and pride through my veins.

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