The A-Game Series

In this virtually presented talk and series, Paddy shares the seven-part framework developed from two decades of coaching some of the world’s best athletes and teams.

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Paddy brings over 25-years of experience working with high-performing teams in business and sport, across multiple industries and on five continents.

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Build and then execute on your unique A-game

Through the lockdown experience I continually asked the question, “what is the most relevant and pressing need for organisations and their employees?”

This search led to the ‘Find your A-game’ Personal Mastery series. It’s newly designed, and based on my best work from over two decades of coaching some of the worlds’ best athletes and teams. I share the seven-part A-game framework which draws from the best successes and most painful failures, and focuses on both the person and their performance. The virtual talk and online series is practical, inspiring and relevant to this time and for almost everybody!

The past four months has been one of the toughest times for me personally and professionally, and from it I believe I have produced my best work yet. Clients experience and feedback is confirming this.

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Paddy’s three-part A-game series for 60 Prime Venture Partners entrepreneurs, gave thought-provoking frameworks to find and play our A-game, as well as a set of principles to become great human beings. Learnings were illustrated with real-world sports examples to make this memorable, entertaining and impactful.

Amit Somani

Managing Partner, Prime Venture Partners

Having worked full-time in conferences for nearly two decades, I’d place Paddy in the top 1% of international speakers.

Managing Partner, The Eventful Group

Great presentation at the 2017 London Leadership Summit. It was humble, thought provoking and relevant to today’s business leaders.
Tom Bird

Author of ‘Brilliant Selling’, Europe’s best-selling sales book

Brilliant session, I have done many similar but this was by far the very best! Well done Paddy, you had the entire company’s attention with your words and lessons. Thank you.

Craig Featherby

CEO, Carrick Group

Paddy’s speech at the Dell India Leadership Strategy Meet was extremely insightful. The ease with which he was able to relate to corporate issues was simply commendable. Paddy is a delightfully effective speaker whose style is simple, direct and engaging.

President, Dell India

Paddy Upton’s presentation to the top 500 managers at ABFSG Day was a great success. It was wonderfully illuminating and was rated as relevant and valuable by 100% of the 500 delegates. Some said Paddy’s presentation changed their life.

Head, Aditya Birla Financial Services Group (India)


These are a few of the successful and wide-ranging organisations who  have valued Paddy’s inspirational talks and workshops.

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