to inspire you and your team!

Paddy currently offers three talks that continue to inspire and delight audiences. Each will be uniquely tailored to align with the message or theme of your event.

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Being told “that won’t work” served to motivated Paddy to the point where he is recognised today as one of the most innovative coaches in the world.

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Advancing your team culture and a sports coaching master-class

Imagine a culture that attracts the industry-best employees, keeps them the longest, and gets the best output from rest? Almost every team has capacity to advance their culture, and thus success.

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The art of leadership; taking your performance to the next level

Latest news: Paddy has recently been appointed as a Professor of Practice at Deakin University’s Business School (Australia). He will be designing free online team coaching courses – soon to be available to all.

A decade-long search, which included two masters degrees, lead Paddy to find eventually discover what he was looking for – modern-day best-practice in leading sports performance.  His early reward was to have the majority of sports administrators and coaches disregard his work, as they held onto more traditional methods.


Awesome talk! Really enjoyed it, as did everyone else!
Jacques Kallis

International cricketer

Excellent! Very inspirational speaker – great perspectives on leadership.
Senior Manager

The Boeing Company (USA)


These are a few of the successful and wide-ranging organisations who  have valued Paddy’s inspirational talks and workshops.

The latest from my Blog

Old school vs new school coaching

In sport, coaches and coaching have been around for ages, probably for a century or more. In contrast, coaching in business has been around for only two decades. In this short space of time, over 70% of managers in the Fortune 50 companies are now benefiting from this new coaching, as the profession has risen to become the second fastest growing profession in the world.
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‘no worries bud’

A colleague recently did a really good job in helping me with some difficulties around a particular project we were both involved in. His efforts meant that things eventually worked out well for both of us. It left me with a feeling of gratitude and connectedness. With these warm feelings informing my words, I sent him a sincere message of thanks. His reply was a brief, ‘no worries bud’.
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A story of perseverance

All of us have given up on a project, bailed on a relationship, quit something that was not working. I’m all for not flogging a dead horse, but something happened last evening that got me thinking about this a bit more. After a few very cold and rainy Cape Town winter days, the clouds parted and the sun popped it’s head out, offering me a small gap to run a Hout Bay mountain trail.
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