Paddy Upton

Keynote Speaker, Leadership Coach and Mental Game Coach

Leading self - Leading others - Delivering results.

Paddy is a real, down-to-earth and practical speaker, leadership coach, mental game coach and university professor. He has a remarkable and almost unparalleled track record of experience, academic qualifications and success in coaching diverse high profile clients, both on the sports field and in the boardroom.

Using his trademark relatable manner, his gift for story-telling and simplifying the complex, Paddy shares personal lessons of successes and failures from the high stakes world of international sport.

Steeped in common-sense and practical wisdom, his messages inspire new thinking and far-reaching change. His work focuses on the human side of performance, helping leaders, teams and people in high-performing environments to constantly fine-tune their leadership, teamwork, culture, high-performance and/or mental game in the pursuit of healthy and sustainable success.

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Gary and Paddy’s contribution to India’s success in the 2011 World Cup was immense. Paddy brought innovative thinking that guided the players and team towards success.
Sachin Tendulkar
Indian International Cricketer
Brilliant session, I have done many similar but this was by far the very best! Well done Paddy, you had the entire company’s attention with your words and lessons. Thank you.
Craig Featherby
CEO, Carrick Group
Paddy Upton’s presentation to the top 500 managers at ABFSG Day was a great success. It was wonderfully illuminating and was rated as relevant and valuable by 100% of the 500 delegates. Some said Paddy’s presentation changed their life.
Ajay Srinivasan
Head, Aditya Birla Financial Services Group (India)
Paddy’s speech at the Dell India Leadership Strategy Meet was extremely insightful. The ease with which he was able to relate to corporate issues was simply commendable. Paddy is a delightfully effective speaker whose style is simple, direct and engaging.
Ganesh Lakshminarayanan
President, DELL India
Having worked full-time in conferences for nearly two decades, I’d place Paddy in the top 1% of international speakers.
Steve Morris
Managing Partner, The Eventful Group
Paddy helped me in so many unique ways throughout my career, both on and probably more importantly, off the field.
Jacques Kallis
South African International Cricketer and Coach
Paddy’s three-part A-game series for 60 Prime Venture Partners entrepreneurs, gave thought-provoking frameworks to find and play our A-game, as well as a set of principles to become great human beings. Learnings were illustrated with real-world sports examples to make this memorable, entertaining and impactful.
Amit Somani
Managing Partner, Prime Venture Partners
Great presentation at the London Leadership Summit. It was humble, thought provoking and relevant to today’s business leaders.
Tom Bird
Author of ‘Brilliant Selling’, Europe’s best-selling sales book


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