Paddy Upton

Talks and Workshops

Expect to be entertained, inspired to think differently, and to gain practical take-away value.

Talks and bespoke workshops are richly illustrated with entertaining, insightful and candid anecdotes from the high-stakes and immediate world of international sport.

A highly-experienced and acclaimed speaker and workshop facilitator, Paddy draws on success and failure to inspire new thinking and far-reaching change. Stories and lessons are shared in a down-to-earth, engaging and relatable manner, with the complex being simplified into common-sense and practical actions.

Choose from existing talks, or speak to Paddy to have a bespoke talk or workshop designed for your event or organisation.


Paddy focuses on the people-aspects of high performance, specifically leadership, teamwork, culture, mindset and/or individual performance.

All keynotes and workshops are richly illustrated with entertaining, insightful and candid anecdotes from the inner sanctum and high-stakes world of international sport.

Paddy brings a unique ability to simplify the complex – and to deliver practical and relatable common-sense that inspires new thinking and far-reaching change.

Choose from one of his popular talks, or request a bespoke keynote designed to accurately align with your event and audience.

Focus is on individual performance

What can we learn from the world’s best athletes that is ALSO practical and achievable for the everyday performer – that makes us feel “I can also do that”?

This talk presents unique and accessible insights into dealing with things like pressure, stress and doubts, whilst adopting an attitude and habits that foster success in work and life.

Topics include;

  • What is the Everyday
  • Champion Mindset?
  • Playing to strengths
  • Taking risks – being smart and attacking under pressure
  • Scoring your 1’s and 2’s – five key success-forming habits.

Focus is on management and leadership 

How can we create even more fertile team environments and a culture in which people thrive, are more engaged, and which further harnesses the teams collective wisdom?

Paddy candidly and vulnerably shares leadership lessons from World Cup and World Championship wins, as well as from devastating losses. Learn what led international cricketers to call him ‘one of the best coaches in the world’, when he was totally unqualified to even be a coach at that level. And hear of his greatest ever professional blunder, and the hard lessons it taught. 

Topics include:

  • Harnessing your teams intelligence
  • Lead to leave
  • Hire for character
  • Leading beyond ego

A workshop/ master class for individuals and teams

This workshop or masterclass covers topics from the above two talks, and more, and is designed to a) create resilient, high-performing individuals, whilst b) fostering a cohesive team environment and culture which is engaging and in which people thrive.

Each delegate will emerge with personalised action plans to enhance both individual and team performance – with greater ease and flow – not via increased effort, struggle, sacrifice or being busier.

Modules include:

  • Laying the foundation of performance (being)
  • Taking smart and informed action (doing)
  • Mastering the mental game (thinking)
  • Enhancing teamwork
  • Leadership mastery

In consultation with your lead team, Paddy will curate a bespoke keynote that accurately meets the needs of your company event and audience. This remains a popular option, with three to four of the topics below generally being covered in a 45 to 60-minute keynote.

Popular topics;

  • What is the Everyday Champion Mindset
  • A framework for harnessing your teams wisdom
  • Playing to strengths
  • Building confidence – celebrating success
  • Extracting the value from failure and mistakes
  • The Big Five most important (and easy) success-forming habits
  • Taking risks – being smart and attacking under pressure
  • Managing ego – my biggest professional error
  • A story of healthy vs unhealthy leadership
  • Advancing psychological safety
  • Fostering mental-wellbeing
  • Building trust – the value of values



Having worked full-time in conferences for nearly two decades, I’d place Paddy in the top 1% of international speakers.
Steve Morris
Managing Partner, The Eventful Group
Paddy’s speech at the Dell India Leadership Strategy Meet was extremely insightful. The ease with which he was able to relate to corporate issues was simply commendable. Paddy is a delightfully effective speaker whose style is simple, direct and engaging.
Mentor, LEAP Sports Dubai
It is always a privilege to work with an excellent human being like Paddy. His leadership talk for the executive family of Indian Institute of Management, Indore was inspiring, well appreciated and top ranked by C level executives.
Ganesh Lakshminarayanan
President, DELL India
Thank you for the brilliant talk. Such great insights and reminders, served up on a bedding of an incredibly captivating sports narrative. Really wonderful!
Don Mahoney
Senior Vice President and Global GM, SAP