Talks and keynote addresses are delivered online or in-person and will be designed to meet your company or event needs. All are richly illustrated with entertaining, insightful and candid anecdotes from the high-stakes and immediate world of international sport.

Mental Game Series

Currently, the mental game is one of the  least understood skills in sport, with a scarcity of quality information and experienced mental coaches to learn from – which also makes it the area of greatest opportunity to advance your performance.

The “Powering your mental game” workshop series brings you rich insights and practical action plans from one of sports most experienced and respected mental coaches.

A-Game Series

The ‘Unlock your A-game’ workshop series is ideal for businesses looking to support their employees performance and well-being, both at work and in life. Designed specifically to meet lockdown and post-lockdown challenges, this popular workshop guides individuals and teams on a journey that uniquely combines personal mastery, professional mastery and mental well-being.

Book - The barefoot Coach

The Barefoot Coach is packed with Paddy’s out-of-the-box thinking and illuminating anecdotes on winning, preparation, failure and working to resolve life’s tangled knots. Inspiring, candid and unusual in its approach to leadership and coaching, this book has become prescribed reading for college management courses and corporate leadership training.


Paddy’s three-part A-game series for 60 Prime Venture Partners entrepreneurs, gave thought-provoking frameworks to find and play our A-game, as well as a set of principles to become great human beings. Learnings were illustrated with real-world sports examples to make this memorable, entertaining and impactful.
Managing Partner, Prime Venture Partners
Brilliant session, I have done many similar but this was by far the very best! Well done Paddy, you had the entire company’s attention with your words and lessons. Thank you.
CEO, Carrick Group
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